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Collective Policies

Things You Need to Know

We founded Worship Collective with one goal in mind: nurture the worship lives of congregations and people. We want to provide fair, accessible, and helpful access to worship resources that are timely and contextual. We also know that sometimes what helps us be creative is seeing what others are doing! That's why we created the Creative Corner. We also want to make sure we respect and honour the creativity and passion of everyone who is part of Worship Collective. 

Belonging to Worship Collective means you have the right to use any of the content to which you have access.

You are free to use the resources on various platforms including socials, streaming, and in-person situations.

Please provide credit to the creator and Worship Collective.

Contributions to the Collective Corner need to be submitted for review before they will be posted. We review things more from a production point of view, rather than content.

Collaboration is what we're all about. Got something you'd like to collaborate on? Please let us know.

We will respond to any inquiries or challenges within 48 hours.

The Forums and groups will be monitored and moderated. We want this to be a safer space for everyone who belongs to Worship Collective. We expect that we will do that with care and compassion, asking questions that seek understanding, and holding one another to mutual accountability.

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