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You can find our series themes here!

Advent Theme 2022:
Lost Icons

Welcome to Advent 2022, Lost Icons - God in Our Midst! In our Advent Theme pack you'll find everything you need to help plan worship and other events from Advent through to Epiphany. With graphic sets, theme videos, theme music for Advent and communion, sermon notes, full worship scripts, scripture videos, reflection cards, and even a special Christmas Day service that's centered around Christmas Dinner (coming soon) you'll find everything you'll need to find the lost icons that are all around us and embrace the reality of God being in our midst.

God In Our Midst_Compass.jpg
God In Our Midst_Trash.jpg

Cup of Hope

A Festival of Faith, with participants from across Canada and around the world to receive a cup of hope. To ground ourselves in something more than optimism, something more defiant than that. Here we are, where others have sat and more will sit after we’ve gone. Here we are so that the eyes of our hearts may be enlightened. Here we are, to know more fully the hope to which God has called us. Here we are, to reveal ourselves, to confess, acknowledge, own, and imagine what a cup full of hope from the One who grounds us can do in our lives and in the world.

A Cup of Hope (1000 x 1000 px) (1920 × 1080 px).png

Lent 2021 Theme:
Disruption and Deliverance

Welcome to our Lenten journey. Many have gone before us, and many will come after us, seeking to enter this season that reflects so much of the realities of life. We have all known disruption in our lives, our communities, and our world. Yet imagine what it was like for those first followers of Jesus. The disruption and deliverance they experienced. This is what awaits us as we journey through Lent. So come my friends, come and join us on the journey from the ashes of disruption to the palms of deliverance.

Disruption and Deliverance_Title.jpg

Advent 2021 Theme:
Something Bigger

Our theme as we start the season of Advent is Something Bigger: Prophet Voices based on
Luke 21:25-36. The worship outline has several options including where you might want to use the Video Reflection and the scripture video. In the Advent 1 folder you’ll find everything you need including a full Advent Candle video with narration and one without the narration. There are multiple options depending on your local context and how many people you’d like to involve in leadership each week.

Something Bigger - Title Only wc.jpg
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